Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas...

Winston crashed after his surgery - he was a real trooper
and is now doing very well. No more snoring and he is just even
more smiles these days!

The kids enjoying some hot apple cider and cookies

after a long day of decorating....

Lily our cat helping the kids with stringing popcorn

it was a real team effort :-)

Here is some more popcorn stringing the little ones helped the big ones

in handing over the popcorn so the older ones could string them.

Daddy and Odessa working on getting the tree up

of course it is now a fake one - went for 37 years insisting on a real one!

then a the year we got married i was shoveling needles within days in TN

that was the fate - i still miss the real ones - but this is so simple now!

More pictures to come -- Lavonne 12-14-08

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Nicholson Family said...

Glad to hear Reagan is doing well and the photos are priceless. Here's to another very special Christmas! The Nicholson Family