Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and what we are Thankful for...


Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those of our friends outside the USA we just wish you warm greetings - missing you!

This year we had a very nice "quiet" Family Thanksgiving with the six of us. We had a wonderful dinner with all the trimmings, dressing which i make a full batch since we love it so much - this year made blue cheese mashed potato's, cranberry relish which is so good and tried a new item making cranberry, apple cobbler. It was all very good and we all shared what we were thankful for. It is so precious to hear the kids talk from their heart about having a mommy and daddy, a house and a family which they are now thankful to have. This was Winston's first and Taylor's second thanksgiving.

Yesterday, We were out of the house by 6 AM - no not for "Black Friday" but for Winston's surgery. We were praying his cough would be gone or not an issue. He was coughing up a storm and i was concerned that we'd be going right back home. But i gave it over to God knowing He is in control of the situation and my son's life and needs.

We got there in time and Scott and the other kids followed. We had him checked out and he passed so ahead we went with the surgery. Praise God - his tonsils were being removed and this hopefully will allow him to start growing. The surgery was 15 mins long and then 1-2 hours recovery.

My little guy kept telling me he was a big boy and was not going to cry. Poor thing who knows what was expected of him a year ago when he had his heart surgery? So i just told him he could cry and i would be there to take care of him. He came out without a peep - a stern look on his face that showed he was in pain. They quickly gave him meds and i just held him in his blanket. then about 15 mins later he did cry and they gave him more pain meds. Then my little guy was fine - he just drank his apple juice and Popsicle and watched tv while i held him - then slept for a short time and then he was his little joking self and just a little chatter bug - i am sure the drugs were helping. The doctor noted again the tonsils were huge and i could already tell his breathing is better.

it was a great bonding time for us - not that you want surgery to create this but you are forced to just give your all to this little one and no one else matters and he loved it. Scott handled the others and about 1-1/2 hours later we were on our way home - he insisted on walking so i held his hand - not sure how out of it he really was? He did really well and has eaten lots and is doing amazingly well. Tomorrow is usually the hardest day after surgery so we will see - was hoping to get a photo with Santa after church but will play it by ear. Thank you all for your prayers and continue to pray that he will start to grow now! Lavonne 11-29-08


Teresa said...

Lavonne ~

We're thrilled Winston did so well ~ what a little trooper!! We'll continue to pray for his recovery:)


Lindsey's mom said...

Glad things went well. Jesse is having his adenoinds out again on 12/31...that stuff is tough. Happy Holidays

tiffany said...

Ah such a brave little man you have. Hope he is still doing well. Loving the attention reminds me of our Levi. It was just he and I with others popping in as visitors for 24+ hours and boy did he love that. He talks about the hospital very fondly. LOL