Friday, November 21, 2008

Nutcracker at its best!

Ok we had some fun dancing like Ballerina's
Look at Winston Spin !!!
Daddy is not too thrilled with his boys in drag :-)

You can see the Nutcracker in the background
this has been Reagan and Kaitlyn's top 5 video's for the
past 2 years
We took Reagan to the Seattle Nutcracker last Christmas and
he loved it and still talks about it
I am amazed that my little one's love this classic
Even the boys have their dresses
Scott would prefer them not to wear the matching shoes
I got the Blue dress this year for Kaitlyn's birthday
Gotta love the wig - Snow White with black
Scott was worried about stereotyping but i try not to
focus on this and just have them play and pretend
Well another day of fun has come and gone....
What will tomorrow hold?
Thinking about baking Christmas Cookies?


TheDideonGang said...

In case you didn't notice.

There are two boys in the pictures dressed up as girls....

Tomorrow, I am shaving their heads so they know that they are boys!

:-) Scott (their daddy!!! who doesn't wear dresses!)

hiroshi said...

OK! I understand there are two boys in the pictures dressed up as girls.
It may be interesting you use your boys only as boys in the ballet scene.
Too realistic?

Charlotte said...

Oh, Lavonne ! What sweet little girls and boys ! I am so glad that Riley isn't the only boy to dress up with his sisters. He got over the nail polish thing too, though recently he wore blue on his toes, since blue is for boys, lol !

Charlotte and crew