Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy National Adoption Day!!

This year has just flown by for us and Sat we celebrated Winston being with us 5 months now!
Hard to believed and he is doing so well.
We had a busy wknd. Friday night had a friend from Thailand in town visiting his daughters at SPU so had them all over for dinner and then for night - Then Scott took them all to the airport in the morning.
Sat was full with Reagan at Artclass then in the afternoon the kids had a birthday party at a swimming pool. It was Winston's really first time swimming and it took a while for him to start liking it but once he got it he had a pretty good time. Reagan was in heaven - he is such a fish. Kaitlyn had to warm up to it and eventually had a good time. Taylor had no fears - she hung on to the noodle floater and was having a blast... it is a bit harder for her balance on them but she is a natural athlete and she just manages some how and has a blast.
Reagan now wants to take lessons - so we will have to see?
We ran around like crazy trying to get presents together and all... Then today was National Adoption Day and our church did a small focus on this... We had booths up to promote adoption and a few families did come forward to talk and get more information. So praying some more little ones will find their families soon.
Then we raced home and went to another party this time at the gym which Kaitlyn use to go to and the kids again had a great time. Both Kaitlyn and Reagan are naturals. Reagan self taught himself to do flips and was doing them on the trampoline... will try and post shots tomorrow.
So we tried to get them down early since we were napless today and started seeing the results by days end.
Wishing you a great week - Lavonne - 11-16-08


Blessed said...

As usual, I'm exhausted just from reading about all you did. You are one amazing woman, Lavonne! :)

tiffany said...

You do seem to get a lot done! Puts my schedule to shame for sure. Home 5 mos already? Time flies!

Thank you for the nice e-card regarding my Grpa. That was very thoughtful. :)

hiroshi said...

What a surprise!
You have a National Adoption Day.