Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hand-me-down Heaven

OK here is my living room. Not as bad as last June when i started this project which will become a quarterly event.
I pull out all the kids clothes and have rubbermaids labeled with girls/boys, size, winter/summer and i sort.... we are so greatful to many friends who share with us their clothes which is a 2 day event and then i put away old clothes and then hang out the new season stuff.... at this time the kids love the "new" clothes and we don't have an issue. Reagan even got a load of underwear which he was needing, One friend gives her clothes to a friend who then gives to me and the girls both get them so it makes the rounds and gets well used. I do a lot of knee repair work and that is my Thur night project.
Hey this saves us a lot of $$$ which these days we desperately need to get ahead.
Lavonne - 10-14-08


hiroshi said...

You are very busy to do a lot of repair work.

Heather said...

Gotta love those bags of 'new' clothing. I only bought Acer 4 shirts and 4 pair of pants this whole year, even with his going up a pants size. We're blessed to have 3 boys feeding us clothes and then we send them off to another boy. Yeah Recycling!
Heather BT