Saturday, September 6, 2008

So what happened to Taylor?

Well it has been one busy week. Last wknd we were gone and were suppose to be gone this wknd too. Work has been just insane. Monday we had off and had great plans to accomplish a list of things which we resorted to just hanging out and doing laundry...
We had someone come and take our family picture well that was a feat upon itself. Honestly i had a hard time finding a photo i liked. Trying to get 6 people to smile is hard work and 4 kids wound up is impossible but well you do your best. My parents 50th is in a week and wanted to get them a photo of the family and kids.
That night Taylor as we were just saying goodnight and asking her to come down from her brothers top bunk fell off the ladder and broke her arm. Scott rushed her to emergancy and well 6 hours later came home at 2 AM. So Scott and I juggled her at work for 2 days and Thur we were suppose to leave and join Scott on a business trip - well the swelling came down so we could cast it. I was so busy at work i actually landed up working and juggled the casting between work - which took two hours to put on her little pink cast - which only took 15 mins to do!!
Now with her little arm she is back to baby status.... but actually this maybe good for her since it is forcing her to strengthen her little arm. The kids help with feeding her as you can see in the photo's (one where Reagan is feeding Kaitlyn).
Since the cast she has access to her hands again and is more independant yet dressing, potty and other things are still up to us to help - ugh 4-6 wks!!
I could not imagine 4 kids in this condition in a small hotel room in Pasco WA - not a destination place - so happily stayed home - sent Scott on his way and will see him tonigh and Fri i worked part of the day and took the rest off running around catching up on cards and gifts for various things. Today the kids and i will hang out and the sun is finally coming out. We made blueberry pancakes and Kaitlyn had one blackberry one... and have promised them to head out for a bike ride at the local walking area.
Tomorrow is another party for the kids to attend and yet another busy wk ahead of us.
I have posted a lot of photo's from last wknd's 5 days off. Enjoy.
Lavonne 9-6-08

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Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

I do not envy you at all! I hope Taylor's arm heels quickly for you!