Monday, September 1, 2008

A busy week - 1st the doc apt

Not the best picture but that blob beside the small paperclip is a ball of "old" ear wax.
Since we came home with Taylor i kept thinking she had something lodged in her ear. I had the doc check once and they missed it. So tried at home with water - no luck. So last wk had Taylor's one year check-up and was able to get them to remove this ball of wax. It took some work since I suspect is is about 4 years old.
We tested her hearing and all is fine.
Taylor is 12.5 Kg or 27.5 lbs which is about 7 lbs growth this year and could not find her original height stats but she is 95.7 cm or 37.7" which i believe is about 5" growth for her and blood pressure was 96/60.
So all is fine but she is still below the charts but is night and day from Aug 07.
We saw the bone doc and in a year they will review her lung and have another doc check and determine if we move forward with titanium ribs - she is missing three ribs on her left side. Her lung did not grow so her right lung is full and her left is 3/4 in size but still fine - but we feel she needs the protection of ribs next.

Winston - well we now have to collect one more thing of poop but know we have about 5 more months until his body recovers from the guardia parasite. But we are sure he is over it. He has not really increased any so hope in the next year we will see some change.
He is 13.2 Kg or 29lbs so actually may have dropped or is the same in weight. He is 88.3 cm or 34.8" which i believe we have seen 1/2" of growth in height but still the size of a 2 year old at 4. His weight is in the 8 percentile so still a long ways to go for our boy. Blood Pressure was 91/55. So he is healthy but small.
In the past wk we have noticed the Chinese language almost disappear and now he is talking up a storm with confidence and she having a lot of fun communicating with everyone now. He is a sharp cookie.
So will try and post more - has been a busy week with lots going on.
Lavonne 9/1/08

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Sherri said...

Oh my goodness! That is a huge ball of earwax!

My 19 year old son used to make tons of wax. It's a wonder he ever learned to speak.

I'm glad they are doing well.