Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Annual BBQ

Well yesterday we had our annual bbq. Whew.... tired and sore are some words to describe the way my body feels.... thrilled and sorry i did not have more time with each one is how i personally feel.

We did this in 2006 and in the past but feel with our new found lives with 4 kids there is never enough time to see friends. So one big annual affair seems to fit the bill. So we invite those whom we miss and consider friends in WA state and a few from BC.

At first i had a ton of rsvp's saying no... it was a busy wknd with lots going on and weather almost reaching 100 - which is so rare for here. Fri got groceries, Sat prepped and even had tables set up... 3:30 AM Sunday thunderstorms and rain came - so here goes Scott dashing out to bring in some chairs and stuff inside. I was sick thinking oh no - what - there was no rain planned? Well by morning things had cleared a bit and it looked promising again.

2 PM - we started getting visitors and throughout the day were blessed to know we have many friends and some family that could spend the day with us and connect with others. Some we had not seen since our wedding - almost 9 years ago. Wow how time flies. Scott was busy flipping burgers and dogs, and i was making sure all was ok with the rest of the food and kids, the kids just had a blast playing in the bouncer pool. At the end 8 PM - we counted over 90 people had come and gone throughout the day to our little abode. It really was a pleasure to catch up in this little way with friends who have touched our lives and connected with us over the years. To see their children grow - and as with one couple announce their expecting twins in Nov. We had 2 babies between 4-6 wks old make an appearance. It was just a great event.

Today we reflect and do we continue to do this? do it annually or every two years?
Time will tell - in the midst of all the work it was fun. Thanks for coming if you are reading this! God has truly blessed us with many wonderful people in our lives and in the lives of our children.

Here's to another great year...
Lavonne (some photo's to come soon)

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