Thursday, August 21, 2008

One year with TAYLOR

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Well it sure has been a year!!
Last August 21, 2007 we were in Guangzhou China in a hot and humid Civil Affairs room waiting with many other families for our daughter Taylor. After a long wait she was the first child to come to meet her new family...
She was shy and reserved, she was very tiny - this little girl was wearing 3-6m clothing and weighing only 21 lbs with a fresh band aid from a fall that occurred on the way to us. She was very malnourished for a 3-1/2 year old.
Her hair was brittle brown, her head was big for her body, she fell alot since her body had seen little activity, her skin white since it had not seen much sun, and she was very gaunt. She was given to us with a baby bottle and told she liked water.
This slide show shows you each month of the past year with Taylor - the changes she has made, learning to talk (yes she only could speak 5-8 words in Chinese - mostly baby babble) she now can't stop talking, she has filled out and has gained over 25% of her body weight and grown at least 4 inches plus.
She is far from shy, is very athletic and can hold her own when she wants to.
We have had our work cut out for us and it has been a hard road working this neglected girl back to a healthy girl the way God designed her to be. We have had to work through many orphanage behaviors due to neglect - but she has come such a long way and amazingly is also noted by all how cute she is and wins people over with her amazing charm. She loves her new brother Winston who is only about 3 months younger than her and now her virtual twin. She can be a very determined little girl who had a rough start in life. God has great things planned for her life.
We love you and know that God brought you to us - because you fit our family perfectly.


Sherri said...

Congratulations on one year with Taylor!

I love the slide show. It should be shown to adoptive families who get to China and find their child to be malnourished. What an amazing transformation!

I'm so glad I've gotten to know you, friend!


Starla said...

Congratulations, Lavonne and family! Fun to see the pictures, and the way that Taylor has changed this past year. I'll have to do this for Janelle in a month and 1/2!


tiffany said...

What a long way she has come. 21lbs at age 3.5! Sophie was 21 at age 12 mos. Happy Family Day!