Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Catching up

Well no photo's today however many need to be posted.
I am barely keeping up with emails - the past couple of days have worked late and life is just busy. Looking forward to the wknd.
The kids are doing fine - Taylor has had a few meltdowns and was angry at her teacher today so decided to just stand and pee in place - not a good thing.... hoping she has learned from this mistake???
The weather has been very nice but suppose to cool tomorrow and maybe a bit of rain again. Scott is trying hard to power wash the fence so we can stain it. Then we started tackling the guest room closet - not sure if we will get it done by next week?
We have Reagan starting another speech class on Friday to work on his "s" in hopes to avoid a surgery and it looks like his teeth are not ready - so one more year before we know if he needs a bone graph. But it looks like we are leaning towards a spacer and braces instead and not pulling teeth. He has all his teeth and the bone looks ok - they are sending us the x-rays this week.
So things are good - need to set up 2 more doc apt for Winston and hoping his giraudia (sp) meds are working.
This wknd we have projects, a birthday party on Sat and Sun we have an adoption picnic to do after church.
This morning and then again this evening watched the Steven Curtis Chapman interview on Good Morning America - just cried like a baby. God is using this family in so many ways to teach others about healing in the midst of loss and using Maria's death to bring awareness to Christ and also to Adoption. So Amazing and toucning. Can't wait to see what they say on Larry King. We were touched in 2004-5 with a grant from Shoahannah's hope with Reagan but were able to use the grant to bring home Kaitlyn.
It is midnite and i could write for ages but my eye's have decided to give up on me so the blurry screen is a hint that it is midnite and my bed is calling.
Say Goodnight Lavonne - Goodnight!

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