Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I like this photo of Winston at the orphanage when they returned for a visit and tour. Here he is handing out candy to his friends and doing something he saw time and time again, now it was his turn.

We have done doc visits and are done for a while. I am still trying to collect my treasure of poop samples - but so far each attempt has been pee - my timing is bad - hoping this wknd will be better. So will keep bathing him separately.

Saw the cardiologist and the TOF was minor - he had a big VSD or hole in his heart and actually while at the doctor had the Chinese translator read some of the paperwork to me and found they noted he was not a good sleeper and breathing was labored, he was tired and did not play with the other kids much. But after the surgery he had a dramatic change and was now sleeping well and playing with the kids.
He sure is a sound sleeper here. He is even starting to run a bit. The doctor said he should have no issues and even meds for dental work - so similar to me - we will see a dermatologist soon about the scar, his mole and some other issues....
But thrilled to report he is fine - and thankful to LWB for this wonderful gift of surgery and to all the donors who made it happen.

It makes me go back to think - how could this boy sit so long waiting for his forever family - he is such a gem... but God knew we were still busy - so he waited a bit longer - and now finally his turn has come. He is just a sweet heart and everyone who meets him or sees his photo - comments on how cute or handsome he is....
I have to agree.... i could eat him up --- and i get lots of happy kisses from my little guy!
Finally we are the family that God saw and knew about well before we could ever imagine this.... I just remember sitting back in 2004 with Reagan saying to Scott ...
I have one - I am content!! :-) 4 years later who would have known how God touched our hearts and opened our home to 3 more. Oh the joys --- one insane and happy mamma


tiffany said...

Indeed. Lovely post.

One Happy Momma said...


You are so right, Winston is adorable!

I know he may have had to wait, but God waited for you and Scott to be ready for him, to become a part of your family! God is good!

All my best -


Cassie said...

You don't know me but your blog was mentioned on one my friends sites and I am sorry but I can't remember which one at this time.

I just want to tell you how beautiful/handsome your son is..... and

Cassie said...

ok something happened and it posted before I was done....anyway

we also have a son from China and he is a joy in our family but watching your video of the orphanage visit broke my heart. your poor little boy seemed so sad. I know that God put him with you to make him smile every day for the rest of his life. I pray that the old soul look in his eyes (which match my sons look from time to time still) is replaced with the shining light of Jesus!!!

God bless you and your wonderful family.

Cassie from Texas
Caleb 3yrs Jiaozuo SWI
Robert 2yrs
Sarah 8month.

PS if you would like to check out our blog on blogger it is titled: daily life of the princes and the princess