Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Potty and orphanage...

Earlier in the week I was on the toliet, and Winston came in, said "nino nino", and I didn' move. He then proceeded to pee right there on the floor. So yesterday when he came in and did the same for jim, jim directed him to the shower ... and he peed in the shower. ;) Wish I was that smart. This morning, I noticed that there was liquid in and around the trash can next to the toliet ... he was using the trash can!!! so we have hidden the trash can in the bathroom. Maybe we need to leave the shower door open for him. :)

We thought we had his food selection down until this morining. Yesterday, he went for noodles like crazy. this morning he wanted nothing to do with them, but went for the sausage. The only bad thing is he plays with all of the food and you don't know if just isn't hungry or doens't want the food. he loves to mix and put it all in different bowls. this morning i walked away came back and he had a piece of watermellon stabbed by a butter knife high in the air yelling like he had just siezed a prize. that's his attitude most of the time.

The pictures i'm sending are from the orphanage visit yesterday. the first is him hiding in between the beds in the morning as we were getting ready. he literally has a little fort down there. i discovered a whole hoard of fish crackers and toys that he was keeping in between jim and my bed the past couple of days! :)

The second picture is jim and winston as we are driving to the orphanage. His contenance changed as we started going down this long road about a mile from the entrance. As if he knew. When we got there he interacted with many of the nannies and even a little with the kids, but still kept his distance. Towards the end I had placed him on a table and we were getting ready to go and I said it's time for Bye Bye, not realizing that I wasn't holding him when I said it. He cried out, Baba and reached for me. I then realized what had happened.

There was a lot of deep thinking and times when he wanted to be held, and sometimes when he didn't during the whole orphanage thing. The nannies were good, they kept reinforcing that he was going with his Baba. We waited for a while after arriving for someone to greet us at the orphanage and during that time Winston wen't off on his own directly to the bldg that he grew up in.
Scott :-)

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