Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have the internet back and stories and photo's to post

Well since Thur night - I maxed my email capacity in the past 2 years!! so had to archieve and do tons of re-booting but ya! it is back and I can see photo's and talk to Scott on Skype again. At one point I picked up the phone and pretended I had speaker phone on and had the kids believing they were talking to Scott. So it has helped being creative. I also figured out how to retrieve emails off my pda from my account and saw some very tiny photo's this way.
It has been a terribly busy wknd. My mom was here we took 20 tupperwares of clothes that have been given to us and sorted into boys, girls, size, season... it is half way done and my mom left today so will try and finish tomorrow night.
I have started on Winston's announcement and hope to mail later this wk. Then we had The kids last day of school party on Friday, Sat was Reagan's kindergarten cap and gown graduation - they were all done up - my dad has the photo's so will post later -I had to borrow his camera. Then later we did their school picnic which the weather was pretty good and the kids had a blast and finally hit Ikea and they played while I got my shoe bench and coat hook for the garage. While Scott is gone I am redoing the garage so I can finally park my van and unload the crew out of the rain!!!
Today we had Cathy and Cecil W get baptised and that was just wonderful - i cried.
So have been so far able to stay on top of things and 5 more days to go
We now think it could be exzema for Winston? I have a doc apt set for Friday at 4pm for our little prince.
Scott writes some funny stories about our spoiled prince. He loves to be carried, get whatever he wants and rule the roost! This will be very short lived with 3 others to share the castle with LOL

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