Saturday, June 28, 2008

A day as a new family

Here are a few shots from today and last night at home. He is now trying to sleep but did yell to us that he had to go potty so maybe the situation is changing? still keeping the pull-ups on for a little longer to see.
He is still scratching but i bandaged up his legs - but feel bad since today is our first real hot day - think it was 90 and little breeze so it is hot in our place and out here since we don't get many days like this AC is not the norm - so lots of open windows like the good old days :-)
He is just really attaching to me - but also being a bit cautious in not to baby too much. Trying to hold him when necessary and also other times making him hold my hand with Taylor's to help with jealousy and creating too much dependence. I know some mothers may not agree but with our situation it is what we need.
I did some rocking with him earlier. Tonight went for a long walk and had the older two on their bikes and Winston and Taylor in the wagon - it was nice = Scott and I could actually walk at a faster pace and maybe really get some exercise and the kids had a blast. So if the weather stays this way for a while will be doing this nightly.
Well it has been a long first 24+ hours - Winston is not wanting to sleep now - but he is very tired - figure he'll be out soon.
Will try and post some other shots tomorrow. We already have a birthday party to go to tomorrow - so our schedule is already filling up. Looking forward to just laying around with the kids next wk.


Heather said...

I'm so happy for you; what a great bunch you have playing there together.
Great job to both parents on surviving separately for the past couple weeks.
Heather BT

Deborah said...

Congratulations~ Dideon Family! We can't wait to see you ALL together! Enjoy this time.

Deborah, Makaela and Branden.