Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Gift of Motherhood

This is one of my presents today. The kids were so excited to pick flowers for me in our backyard - which is really lacking in this area. So thankfully I have this nice vase that holds small flowers.

Today Reagan and I sat and watched a DVD a friend of ours made of us arriving home to St. Louis 2-17-2004. 13 days before this I fulfilled my long awaited dream of becoming a mother. I had always imagined myself to be happily married in my 20's with 4 kids. God had another plan.... 20 years later just shy of my 41st birthday I welcomed this precious little boy into my arms (Reagan at that moment was screaming and I was wondering how am I going to calm him down?)
Yesterday on the Today Show they held a contest by one of their sponsors which made a huge error in calling adopted moms.... "Non Moms" - this after a huge wave of these mothers called and emailed did they change their oversightedness to Adopted Moms.
I myself see me as my children's mother and nothing more or less. Being adopted myself - My mother is the one who was there for me through thick and thin. There is a great poem about this. We talk about the kids 3 moms... Their "Tummy Mommy", their "Foster Mommy" and ME... their "Forever Mommy"
We all carry a special place in my children's hearts - but I am the one who knows these children, understands their personalities and helps mold them.... I am their MOM - or as I prefer to say MUM (my canadian side still rules)
So the journey to be a mother to 4 is almost here. Did I have a clue to what I was getting into? NO and still don't. I have learned as the mother's before me did - by trial and error. We are almost all first timers at it LOL
God made us mother's unique and thus have a special gift that only we can give our children. He gives me the ability to manage what I often have no clue how I am managing it all. He knew exactly which children were to be mine and what they would need from a mother like me. There are moments when I dream of the life I once had, but quickly realize that this in the end is not what I wanted from my life and God knew I needed to give. I now have a duty and desire to wipe running noses, get hand made cards with sharks or kitties on them, I get to scrap oatmeal and rice off the floor daily, I get dirty clothes thrown at me from the top floor at the end of the day and at night time i get to pray for my kids and with them, I get hugs and kisses, I get told that I am loved to the moon and back. Is it worth it --- I ponder as I fall into bed in full exhaustion... Yes, God has given me the most precious gift a women can have or experience - MOTHERHOOD - a chance at molding a child's life to make a difference in life and to know their creator in heaven.
To this I know that I am blessed beyond words and to have 4 is amazing.
~~~~ A mother who is amazed to have the opportunity to care for 4 precious angels!

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