Thursday, April 24, 2008

There is hope - it will come.......but boy do i want it now!

Ok this is the closest i could find of a picture of me waiting for my LOA :-)
In the past 24 hours have heard of one women with LOA on Tues with 1-30 date like ours, then today our old agency group had someone announce they got LOA on Monday with 1-31 date.

So come on....i was doing so good until the past two wks and now it is starting to get to me !! But when I check my calendar this wk was my target date for getting LOA so we are still under the 90 day mark when they were coming before - but in March they started picking up and now have come to a trickle in April.

Good news our prints are now done, the passport will be ready on the 6th, and it appears we just squeezed in our visa and should have it back next week.
So this wait is probably fine. I just did not want to have Scott travel in June.

I guess in the end I don't have much say in this and the best thing is we are so close and it looks like we have passed all the other hurdles so we are on the final stretch to bringing our boy home!!

I did send a book with our photo's in it to a traveling family - so he will get this and we will get one last update and maybe info on weight and height - wks before we finally get him. Will help ease the waiting "pains"

Really looking forward to this wknd - could use some time to just rest and enjoy the kids.

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Starla said...

Just checking again! Hang in there, it will be soon! Starla