Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh where oh where is my L O A ?

Day 82?
I just did a search on all the yahoo groups I am on - and the last LOA's were issued on April 3, 4, and 5th with one other on the 11th.
So that is 10 to 16-18 days now waiting and I am not alone - there should be a wave coming!!!!
Pray for my patience since I was doing pretty good until the last wave and the reality hit we were next. One women got her's on the 4th and she was LID on the 28th and we were on the 30th.
It will come - but just trying to stay focused and working... can be a times a challenge. Today did take the day off to drive to Vancouver and got my passport renewed.... 2 wks on a rush and my friend Colleen will pick it up for me and FedEx it so to avoid more trips.
Next is the renewing our fingerprints, hoping to hear if the visa's cleared? and the last set of papers - our notary for power of attorney.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and this seems to be more an LOA day - but based on the past listed they were Thurs/Fridays - let's hope it will not be that long!!!!!!!!!!!!

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