Thursday, March 6, 2008

Need to do some catching up here

I will try this wknd to catch up - have a bunch of photo's to post of the kids.
Never seem to have the time these days.

Did the doctors last week and Taylor is doing great - TB test was clear and same with MSRA - since there was another Dongguan kid in Jan tested positive - felt I needed to have her checked to. I got it a wk before we went to get Kaitlyn 2+ years ago and it is an ugly and deadly virus.
Taylor is doing so well and the doctor was just thrilled. She has stabilized in her weight and is just shy of 26 lbs now - so 5 full lbs and 2-1/2 inches - confirmed. We also got a lot of ear wax removed - probably the first time for her.LOL
I also had her check her tummy since it still looks like she is starving... but she thinks she has weak stomach muscles - so will try getting the girls and I to do sit ups - I could use them too!!!
We also got to go meet another women with PS who lives north of Seattle. I feel this is important for Taylor to know someone she can share and relate to - a person who has walked in her shoes before her. Then our doctor wanted to hook me up with another mother who has a limb indifference daughter. So hope she'll give me a call.
I really believe this stuff is important for these kids - and helps with their self esteem...

Still no word on confirming our LID date - but will hold onto my belief it is the 29th of Jan. CCAA is again doing weird things and now with the up-coming Trade Week - things are off with dates - still praying for May - but seeing already people being bumped out to May who just got TA - so may just have to take a drive to Yakima and get those prints renewed and not take the chance!

A cute story tonight... Reagan our man who loves anything to do with FISH... well he is a strange fellow. When we tried to get him motivated to stop wetting his pull-up at night - suggested a goldfish - but NO he wanted a Halibut to EAT LOL... Scott had to get it whole - the fish guy wanted to fillet the thing and looked at Scott like he was nuts.... Reagan was like a little chatterbox so excited to have this fish and others and see Scott gutting them and the thrill for him to play with his head... definitely a boy thing :-)
Well when grocery shopping the other night - I saw these cans of Sardines and thought this would be a treat for Reagan.... Yup my boy was thrilled... so tonight I opened the can stinking of these little fishies... he wanted to know where the eyes were? He was in high heaven announcing to his sisters - about his "TREAT" - now the house stinks of fish and the cats were meowing after Reagan to share his treat with them LOL which I made sure he did not. What will be next???? LOL

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tiffany said...

I so agree that having the kids around other kids like them whether for limb differences and such or just other Chinese kiddos with parents that so good for them. That is really why we go to Chinese school at CCAI. :)

As for the fish...well just yuck. LOL I would have pushed for the goldfish. LOL Sophie is still in a pull-up at night while the little ones wear their undies. Poor thing. I know she worries about it a bit on her own and knows that being the oldest, she should be wearing her panties to bed, so we say nothing. I guess I am hoping she outgrows it and soon for her own sake.

Weird that you dont have LID confirmation! Hope that comes soon. Maybe it will come WITH LOA! LOL Mostly I hope you are on your way to that cutie pie soon. :)