Saturday, March 15, 2008

More on our Winston :-)

Here is the email that came with these photo's today.....
Hi Lavonne,

Appologies for the delay in getting back to you as I dont speak Manderin it has taken a while for me to find your son and then get on the internet.. unfortunatly the connection in my hostel is a little tempramental.

Your son is currently based on the ground floor (1st floor if you are chinese) along with the other children aged 18 months to 3 years. Unfortunatly again due to the lack of Mandarin I am not sure how old the other children are exactly to say if he is big for his age or not. By comparison to a child of the same age in the UK I would say that he is a bit smaller perhaps clothes size 2 to 2 and a half.. although I do not have my own children so this is a bit of a guess.

Whilst I was working at the centre your son presented as a happy and healthy child, well liked by his peers and a favourite among the full time carers.

All children at the orphanage are called by their full names - so no nicknames I am afraid and I did not observe him to have a favourite among the carers. As with most of the kids their favourite seems to be whoever is giving them the most attention at the time!

An Hujun is adept in using a spoon to eat and was left to eat his meals unaided.

In terms of being potty trained I am not sure if you are familiar with the Chinese way, but basically the children do not wear nappies and instead have a cut away in the crotch of their trousers allowing them to go to the toilet when they need to. They are not made to use a toilet to urinate and are allowed to go where they want outside.

An Hujan is potty trained in the sense that he wont wee on your lap, he will always wait until he is outside and is able to communicate to the staff if he wishes to use the toilet to poo.

From the time I have spent with An HuJun he seemed healthy, fun loving and a genuine pleasure to be around. He is a really affectionate kid and would ask to be picked up and carried quite a lot.

I hope this information is of use and wish you every happiness in this exciting forthcoming few months.

I do have more pics of the rest of the group and An HuJun and as soon as I have returned to the UK (end of April) I will email you these as I am sure it will be nice for you to get a feel for her current friends situation etc.

Kind Regards


tiffany said...

Great update! I love that he potties outside whenever he wants. LOL No really, I am sure he is potty trained. :) Levi was 2 years 10 mos and had one accident (the night we met him at the dinner table- pure nerves) and none since then. Day and night trained. :)

He is probably smaller than he looks too. Do you think so? Its always so hard to tell on that!

Hope your LOA arrives any second now! :)

Terri D said...

Enjoyed reading the update on Winston. How fortunate you are to have an inside source! He sounds like a healthy, well-adjusted little guy. He just needs to come home soon!

Hang in there,

Starla said...

Glad I checked in today to see what is new. How great to get an update and pictures of Winston! Hope that the time goes by quickly as you wait.....ok, I know that it never seems to go quickly. But hope that you get that LOA quickly, and don't get bogged down by the Olympics.

Blessings, Starla

Julie said...

What an awesome update!!! You are so blessed to be able to get so much information. I can't wait to see him with the rest of the kids.