Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pix - HE has RISEN +++

Well we had hoped for some really nice kid shots - but as the numbers grow - it get's harder and harder to have everyone happy at the same time LOL
So today was Kaitlyn's off day - can't blame her when your up at 5:30 AM - poor thing was tired - she crashed in the car mins after these shots.

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Charlotte said...


Got to share my secret ~ I had nothing to do with my kid's awesome pics, a studio came to the daycare and did it while I was gone, awesome !!!!

Yours look so cute waiting for brother !

You wild woman going for another boy ! Riley is enough for 3 boys !

I have to bribe my Raeghan with cash to get her to pose with her borther and sister, still got to post those pics, lol !

Charlotte and crew