Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Kaitlyn - A Handful !!

Well the Lord blessed us with one very curious and challenging little girl. Our Kaitlyn has the most beautiful smile with her little dimple, but behind that smile sometimes you really wonder ? :-)
These photo's were from last wknd when as punishment for something she had done I told her we are going to clean toilets - big mistake she actually found it enjoyable!
So then later had her take her laundry to her room - that did the trick - since she had no interest in doing this.
Well this wknd was more challenging with our little princess!!
I said to Poision Control today I hope she does well in Science....
She is the one who is always taking things apart and tearing something up - a bit distructive to say the least.
Well here is a run down of what she kept us on our toes with...
Friday if i remember correctly she was good. Sat morning she got Taylor to join her in eating Scott's chocolate for the CNY event that evening - as we were leaving the house I discovered they both had chocolate breath and finally found a handful of the coins in each of their coat pockets. THen when we returned home I found she had eaten a cough med strip - so far found only one gone.
They also while I was dring my hair put Lilly our cat into a rubbermaid box and locked the lid on her - so that resulted in a long time out so i could finish drying my hair.
Well Scott had bought a rat yesterday for the event for our table - since he kills them as an Entomologist - Pest Control guy.
Well this morning we woke up to Kaitlyn our very early morning riser playing puzzels in the hallway as i had asked her to do not to wake the rest of us up.
She crawled into bed with us as she heard we were awake - then she started talking about the rat gone out of her cage.... we noted the alarm was on - but since it is set for pets she slipped by unnoticed... and had been playing with the rat. We found the lid was off and yes the rat was gone - she showed us it was hiding under a cupboard near by.... thankfully our two cats were unaware of her presence out of the cage. It took us a while to recapture her and we now will have it at Scott's office where it will be safe.
Later today I was walking into our master bathroom and saw foil on the floor....
after some research I found Kaitlyn had unwrapped a hormone pill I had for the aging process I am in :-) she looks at all this stuff as candy that she is missing out on.
A very bad "sweet" tooth she has..... so called posion control after getting her to fess up - but again to her favor it won't make her sick and we are very thankful (I do think she has too many breaks here - this is our 3rd call in 2-1/2 years to posion control for her - 6m home it was downing 64 vitamins, then a yr ago - 1/4 bottle of cough medicine) we tend to let our guard down and then she surprises us.

They tell us she is in the smart bunch and it is not the end for her... they are creative and determined type and yes this is our Kaitlyn. God has His angels working overtime with her - we are THANKFUL....


Starla said...

Yep! Sounds like you have your hands full. Isn't it good that that those angels work full-time.


Sherri said...

Hahahahahahaha! Are these the kinds of things I have in store for me????

I love the poison control stories. Our two girls sound very similar indeed! I'm glad you have a blog--I can keep up with your stories now!