Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Reagan

February 4th 2004 - was a day we will never forget as we flew from Beijing to Nanchang. We got to the hotel and "waited" in our hotel room for 2 hours - I paced and was so nervous i was almost in tears...
The doorbell rang and this adorable little boy in girls clothing appeared with 2 men from the orphanage. He was so cute - but as soon as he saw me started crying - what a scary day for our poor guy - his life was changing forever and he was clueless.
40 mins of some good crying as we are signing papers - they left and we could just sit and enjoy our little guy - he started to wimper and soon realized gold fish crackers are a good thing... soon he was laughing and having a great time with us.
Now 4 years later we are blessed with a busy 5-1/2 year old boy who loves to draw amazing pictures and loves to learn - he will tell you all about the planets and will fill you with stories about fish, sharks and whales... be prepared.
God has blessed us and we are so thankful to have said yes that June day in 2003 when we walked into our agencies office who had a file on a little 11m old boy who needed a mommy and daddy and just had a minor issue called Cleft Lip and Palate which has not stopped this little guy from enjoying life.
We Love you Reagan Stewart Jing Dideon and look forward to our life together...
your Mommie and Daddie

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