Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paperwork is done and gone!

Praying all goes well - but today Sat - our Dossier (paperwork) arrived in SF. We hope to have our paid courier deliver them on Monday and have them ready for her to ship them to our agency on Tuesday and our agency review and resend to CCAA in China on Wed. It usually takes 3 days - so hoping all goes well, no issues and we could have our papers in china by next Sunday and maybe logged in by the following week
(LID) which would make it before the Chinese New Year shut down of almost 12 days.

Everyone goes home and celebrates for this time period - business is at a standstill and little gets done. So thankful we expedited things.
Based on past experience and all things good - it usually takes from LID to Gotcha Day 4 months - so figuring Winston should be with Scott around mid-to late MAY.
We will have a lot of celebrating when they get back - since both Taylor and I celebrate our birthdays at the very end of the month. So hoping we can have one big party when they get home.

We are just thrilled to be done and the papers gone. But of course we have to still do I-874 papers since I am not going this time and then my passport expires in March and we have to do the readoption for Taylor.

By years end - hoping we don't see any paperwork for a long long time :-)

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Woo hoo, that is so exciting!

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