Monday, November 12, 2007

Stayed tuned,,,, we may have some big news???

We have slowly been looking for our son. We have no idea where he is - but God has been directing us to a few agencies. We did talk with one last week about a little boy. Well this wknd after sending Scott this ecard about the boy - Scott agreed to consider him - we filled out our papers and submitted them. Well his file was close to being returned. Many have pleaded for him and this wknd three families came forward so we have sat all day waiting for some news - if this is God's will and is this our son? We have been told we should know tomorrow. One more thing those who have not adopted don't understand - "waiting" is a huge part of adopting. When having a child - you wait to get pregnant.... then in those last weeks you wait again. In adoption almost every month, every paperwork - seems to have a journey and wait - which can be very difficult and there is much rejoicing each step of the way.
We have a sense of peace knowing it is in His hands and the right boy for our family will be found - as with each one of our current children. We did not pick any of them - we just agreed to walk in faith to take them as our own.
With Reagan it was a journey through failed pregnancies, surgeries, a failed domestic and a failed IA which led us switch to China where Reagan's file was waiting for us and happened to arrive at our agencies office an hour before our apt.
Then with Kaitlyn - we saw 5 girls and she was actually our second choice - but God knew she belonged to us. With Taylor our agency had only two children from the same agency. We probably would not have been led to her unless we stared with trying to get two. But under circumstances we chose her and the door closed to our boy. So now we are here again knowing the right child has been already chosen for us and at the right time the door will open and the journey will have begun to bring this precious child on his journey to becoming our son!
If you have not ever considered adoption - it truly is a blessing and just email me
at to learn more!

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Sue & Robert Stark said...

Lily and Ijust watched your Smilebox pictures of Kaitlyn, Reagan, and Taylor...we liked seeing them!!

I'm going to have to look into this "Smilebox" thing...

We'll pray for your son who is still in China.

Hopefully soon we can talk!!!
Love, Sue, Robert, and Lily :)