Thursday, November 1, 2007


Took Taylor today for our follow-up doctor's apt. It was almost two months home and we are closing in on 3 months having Taylor.
Well our peanut is "GROWING" She grew almost 1-1/2" in the past 7 wks and put on almost 3 lbs. The doctor was just thrilled and amazed for this much progress in a short time. Taylor's blood work showed she has most of her antibodies so only needed 2 shots today - Chicken Pox and Flu. She also noted her personality or just overall speech... is a noticable improvement. Her hair color is changing and her hair is softer - so she is getting the nutricean she really was missing.
I was also thrilled since we were going to have to retest her stools to make sure the G.... parasite was gone and within mins... Taylor announced she had to poo. So mom did not have to deal with it :-) She was fine with Lead and other things - so we just had a winning apt and don't have to return until March. - YA!!! doctor's apt's are pretty much done for this year.
So thank you all for those prayers - they have worked with our peanut.
Got our School photo's today - so will try and post by tomorrow?

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Nicholson Family said...

I'm so glad all is well and it's great news that the Dr visits are done for the year--YAY!!! The kids look absolutely adorable and we can't wait to visit. Leaving tomorrow night and missing home :)