Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just another day...

Well not much to post today. The kids are doing very well and Taylor each day seems to come up with more words. There were days I wondered if it would happen.
Kaitlyn well she is getting over the jealousy stage and growing up to be our sweet 4 year old. So you can say we had a good day and mom was very happy. Melt downs were pretty much at zero!

I did start looking for our son.... ooops - you thought we were done! ?
Well no in China I may have felt that way cooped up in a hotel room with three toddlers for three weeks.... but once home it was confirmed in my heart we had one more waiting for us.

The challenge is many - but other than the obvious of financing the next one - is finding an agency who will allow us to return so soon. Most ask you to wait a year to submit your dossier. Some of the easier to work with - say 6m. Then there are a few exceptions. Two weeks after we came home there was a unique opportunity presented to us on an adorable little boy with corrected club feet and webbed hands and feet. But the agency said no. So we will just wait on God's leading and see what happens :-) He seems to always know best!

Well the weekend is quickly approaching - it has been a very busy week for all, but we are doing so much better - other than the washing machine giving out again! So hoping to have this repaired tomorrow for minimal fee: Laundry sits waiting - clean me, clean me.... I am trying to encourage the family to recycle dirty clothes if they are not too bad? You may want to stay clear of us until we resolve this problem :-)

Saying goodnight from little old Renton WA - Lavonne

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