Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, we are pinching ourselves and saying is it for real??

We were matched this morning at about 10:25 AM. We got a call from our new agency Madison Adoptions that out of three families that came forward to adopt An, Hu Jun - aka Justin we were chosen. He has a VSD (hole in his heart) and for some reason nobody was coming forward to adopt this little guy and there was fear his file would be returned. His birthday is January 29, 2005 so he will be 3 soon. We saw video of him and he is just a little sweetheart.

This little guy will need surgery and that is one of our focuses as we start the paperwork journey again to bring him home. So we will start the fundraising process this time and find ways to pay for this last adoption. We are fortunate that this little guy has a grant to help us start the process. Scott will travel to get him so we can handle the costs.

Kaitlyn had a VSD but hers healed on its own. So one reason we were considered is we have 4 of us who have had something with their heart. I had heart surgery at 8m old, Reagan has a mild heart murmur, Kaitlyn and then Taylor has Dextrocardia (heart on right side) so our doctor is already familiar with us :-)

Justin will become our Winston James An Dideon and hopefully sometime between June and July we can bring him home to enjoy the summer with us. So do keep us in prayer as we go through this process.... most agencies want you to wait a year and we just got home. Also, we have been matched through our agency - but still seek approval from CCAA in China. So as some of you know last year was a real challenge for us. We do feel peace about this all - but we have no crystal ball to tell us what lays ahead of us!


Starla said...

What great news!!! You are brave to start the paperchase so soon, but then your homestudy and all should just need updating.

Blessings on your family!!


Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Awwww he is so cute! I hope the path for you on this journey is free of huge bumps and that you can bring your son home soon!


Stacey said...

Congratulations! I hope the process goes smoothly and your son is in your arms very soon!

Beverly said...

Congrats! He will fit perfectly with you guys and your wonderfully created hearts.


Nicholson Family said...

So exciting! Congratulations on evening out the family dymnamics with another boy :) See you tomorrow!