Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another busy wknd

Well was hoping to post some more - maybe later this wk?
Last week was busy at work and we just had something going on all the time.
Friday dinner my parents came to visit the kids for the wknd. With winter here they can't travel the pass, so we won't see them until spring. So they came with Christmas presents... so have them hidden away. Luckily they are not at all like me yet - think Kaitlyn won't be far behind. I always found my presents. One year I even picked the locks to the suitcases they were hidden in LOL
They opened a new Target close by so Mom and I checked it out and found some cut Christmas dresses and a suit for Reagan. So here is Taylor modeling the dress.
This morning she said 3 words together - so that is a record. "Two more please"
She was obviously hungry and was willing to ask LOL
Hoping to get her started in speech therapy this wk. Reagan has his surgery follow-up next week -but is doing great.
We are all tired - but it is more and more like a family each day! We are so thankful for all our blessings - including our three pumpkins :-)

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