Friday, September 14, 2007

A quick update

Added some photo's of our last day and hope to catch up this wknd on all my photo's and other info. I know some of you have still been checking to see if we are still here?

Taylor is doing better each day and we have friends staying with us. The husband speaks Chinese and is conversing with her and see's she can count in Mandarin - not in order, but that is more than we were aware of. Also he commented that she is babbling in Chinese which is also funny to observe. We have been working with her and she is making some progress in speach. I would say we are up to 5-6 words now. So not bad. She understands a ton and we are starting to think she is playing us and maybe the foster mother and knows more than she is letting onto.

Another big step... at the orphanage she slept with a towel - yes no blanket a large towel - not very soft. I noticed right away she was craming her blanket or nightie into her mouth to sleep and the think would be very wet and smelling of vinagar as her body was going through food changes. I have been giving her a washcloth at night to sleep with to avoid having to wash the blankets too often. Tonight she did not want it and when I checked on her last night noticed she had nothing in her mouth. So wondering if this could be sign of her being more peaceful at night with her sleep? We have her in a big twin bed for her to roam around in - and she does! LOL

She is a real character.... she just has so much fun and loves to laugh. When I picked her up from school one of the father's was there and she just ran up to him - grabbed his leg and gave him a big hug around his leg. He thought it was funny.

She is getting into the routine and sitting in a car seat - all firsts! On the way home from school there is a bit of a hill we go down and she is now starting to go weeeee for her enjoyment as we go down it.... could be partly do to mom's lead foot?

So the fears and struggles we had those first few days are subsiding as we really start the real discovery of this little girl we have named Taylor and is so thrilled to be part of our family. We also discovered she has been calling Reagan brother in Chinese - Reagan and Kaitlyn are still a mouthful for this little one. Kaitlyn called Reagan - Ray Ray - so have been trying her to say this instead.

Well it's midnight again and has been one loooong week for us. I am so looking forward to next wk when things slow down for us. Continue to keep us in prayer as all this can be stressful and Reagan and Kaitlyn still have moments as does Taylor in this adjustment stage - and we all need grace to be nice to each other some times.

Night from sunny Seattle :-)

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