Friday, September 21, 2007

One more week down!

Each day gets us further along and hard to believe a month has past and we are quickly moving forward. At lunch time today - headed to Joanne's Fabrics to buy elastic and velcro. We'll see what I can do with Taylor's clothes and making them fit. I am struggling in buying clothes her size - 9m - or just cinching the heck out of 2T's which fit in length? At lunch I got two 9m denim skirts for $6.80 total on clearance - but even the 9m seem to eventually slip down and she has the wonderful plummers butt LOL - I don't think that is how she would like to be remembered by people! Esp. since there is no butt LOL

I did get a bunch of netting like fabric on sale for $1-1.29/yard and will make some little skirts for dress up - they can layer then - or friends can wear when visiting and I know they will have a blast with them. So will use up some of my elastic this way.

Then ran around the rest of my lunch hour to get Kaitlyn's Princess Party stuff together since her birthday is wks away and so after this, I'll be making party invites to mail to friends tomorrow. Oh the life of a mother LOL - never a dull moment. I thought a Princess Tea would stay in my budget and help cut the numbers down for winter - so only having 8 girls over - with a tea set and they will all be dressing like princesses - so I know Kaitlyn will be thrilled and hope this helps with the jealousy.

Reagan woke up this morning with a fever, so Scott took him and they eventually Reagan went to work/on the road. He is thrilled whenever he can hang out with dad.
His fever was gone, but tonight it came back so hope it is nothing big.

Well this wknd plan to lay low and catch up on lots - get some photo's to friends who are waiting and finish putting the last stuff away from our trip. It is starting to get cold this wk. Hit the 40's at night - so finally had to put the heat on - fall is here and winter is coming. I was just thinking about how Taylor is going to be with Christmas. The other two were so much younger - but she will have been with us 4 months and be talking and it should be interesting. So much coming around the corner - pumpkin patches, thanksgiving, Chinese NY - always something going on.

Moon Festival - hope to start a traditon for this - so many do - this year was just too busy - but Tuesday the 25th in the date for Asian Moon Festival - and Mooncakes. i have seen many recipes float around for this. We got some great ones at Starbucks in Guangzhou that we enjoyed. So hoping we can make this a tradition with other families in our area.

Well I have written way too much tonight - have a great wknd and hope to finally post video sometime on the wknd for you to enjoy.

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