Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's Tuesday and we are coming home!

Well it is 6:30 PM and we have the kids having a bath and soon to bed. Bags are packed... wake up call set for 4:30 AM and breakfast arranged for takeout.
Wow, three weeks has come and gone and we now are a family of five!

It never is what you prepare yourself for or plan for, it is always an adventure that God leads you on that tests you, stretches you and makes you a better person for it. We have experienced i think every emotion possible on this trip, we have questioned ourselves, experienced great joy and also have had a lot of fun.

We got to experience a family vacation that we had not planned on. We did not get homesick as so many parents do, because our family was together.

Tonight after doing some last minute shopping for gifts with the little cash left
:-) we took the kids for a walk and play time at the playground and then headed to Lucy's for one last dinner. Later when Taylor was done and very restless, I took her over to the water and there was a group doing Ti Chi and Taylor tried to join... it was very cute and the women enjoyed watching her try and copy them.

So much is going through my head - it is the end of this part of our journey... but the beginning of our new life together as a family with three children.

We have more responsibilities, challenges with unknowns about Taylor's health and limitations. We have Reagan's upcoming surgery in October. Next Wednesday we have our friends coming from Thailand to stay with us for two weeks as they enroll their daughters into SPU and we play segroate parents for the next few years. Then that wknd of the 16th my parents come and see our friends and on that Sunday we will have Taylor dedicated. It is going to be a busy fall for us. I start back to work on Monday and have Taylor at the doctors the day after we get home. I even get exhausted thinking about it all - but it will come together like this trip has and we will continued to be blessed.

We'll I will try one more time to download our photo's from the wknd - may have to wait for last night Dongguan photo's - there was five of us families that met together at the CowBridge and had a great time together. There was 13 kids in this group!! One thing we did like being in one place for three weeks was seeing all the people we have connected with during the adoption process and just creates new lasting bonds with these families.

Well goodnight from Guangzhou and soon we'll be saying hello from Seattle again.
The Dideon Family

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