Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Heart is Good!

Well today was day two at school, but we had to see the doctor first. So off we went, dropping Reagan and Kaitlyn off early to school. I thought for sure Taylor would have a melt down. But she sat in the car and waited - i think she was close to tears - but she managed to not cry.

She is wearing her cool shades which just makes her the talk of the town when she enters a room LOL She is very cute in these shades. So we waited for our time with Dr. Johnston at Children's. They had offered a translator and with the past two had never bothered, but with Taylor being 3 I thought it may help?

So our translator was waiting for us - a nice elderly gentleman - who later commented that she was pretty well behaved - many of the kids he sees are running around. Of course I am proud :-)

Well they did an EKG, Oxygen.... a variety of tests and the peanut came out with flying colors - she is about 34-3/4" tall just under 3 feet. The doctor said she does not need any follow-ups. Her heart is fine, just happens to be shifted over to the right side but nothing is out of place. I was suspecting so with the ability she has to throw a good temper tantrum. Reminds me of Kaitlyn.... on her first heart visit in MO, she threw a great one and was rolling around on the floor. The doctor figured she was fine and said to come back in 6m. I figure he'd seen enough LOL

Took her back to school, and she fell asleep. She is not the best when being woken up. So we had a melt down, I finally got her into the classroom and she just kept going. She found herself a place under a chair and just was kicking up a storm. Finally she started calming down, then went to me, then the teacher. Of course I needed to go and the eyes started welling up again.... but her teacher told me later a few mins. after I was out of sight she was fine. It amazes me how they can just snap out of it and move on! Thankful she did!

Tonight we joined friends for dinner in Factoria. She is Chinese and her husband is Japanese. They are considering adoption, and her family was all in town. So we joined them and became their source of entertainment for the evening. I know my friend wanted her family to see how it has worked with us. It was funny to have Scott and I be the "whities" and the rest all Chinese. The kids did pretty well until it was getting near bedtime, so we thanked them and were on our way home. It was really nice to met my friends family finally.

Well still hoping in the next couple of days to post video and photo's bare with me as I just try to get a handle on life - we are getting better each day. Yesterday was 3 weeks with Taylor and so much progress has been made!

Have a wonderful night - Lavonne

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