Friday, September 14, 2007

The first real week is done! The wknd is now here!!

It's Friday night and we had a full house tonight. We had our friends from Thailand, then my parents drove 6 hours from Westbank,BC Canada to visit them and meet Taylor. We had a nice dinner together that my mom prepared and brought - which saved my sanity and was pretty much ready when I got home from work.

Taylor and Kaitlyn were so cute tonight. Kaitlyn started pulling out her dress up clothes, well as soon as Taylor saw her, she wanted to take her clothes off and started babbling and making sounds so that we got the message she was unhappy until we undressed her and she could play too! LOL So will try and post some photo's they were moving alot so did not get many good ones - but they were just adorable and a sure sign of things to come. I noted what will it be like when the two both can speak - never ending talk :-0 ????? and I am sure a lot of tattle telling and "mommy I had it first!"

I kind of knew Kaitlyn and her would have fun, both love the kitchen, dolls and now dress up... Reagan will be playing daddy with either his two mommies?? or mommy and baby.... seems the roles are always switching, oh yes, there is the occasional cat or dog in the picture too!

We have Taylor's dedication on Sunday. Our belief is we give the child an opportunity to chose when they are ready to decide on their own to be baptised. Dedication is a process where we feel the child belongs to God and He has give us this child for a time in our lives. While we are Taylor's parents, we ask our church to stand behind us in raising her and supporting her and praying for her. We as a family will do this and it has been our tradition to do this all wearing our Chinese outfits - so hope to get a nice family shot.

Well as usual it is late and the bed is calling me --- sleep, sleep

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