Saturday, September 15, 2007

Each day it gets better!

Even with life full of stress and a full plate - we are managing.
I know in a couple of weeks life will get better and I will feel "normal" again.
I did take a break today from all the guests - I had an old friend get married, so was nice to get out for a couple of hours "alone" and see old friends. It was such a lovely wedding and I am very happy for them. So never give up - I was one who married later and so was my friend - so God still can have that one of there if your not married yet :-)

Well Taylor is sharp, she see's you do something once or twice and she is right there. Today Kaitlyn had some dress clothes on and Taylor caught it and started to make a fuss and started stripping down right there. She wanted to dress up too! However she has not learned the modesty rule - and even stripse the underwear that hangs on her little butt off.

She is so small it all just hangs on her LOL but she must be a part of everything...
it is almost like there is so much to do - its a smorgesboard of activities at our home and she has to try it all out.

Having Grandpa and Grandma over has been a treat - and of course Grandma just coddled her and she ate it up. She knows a good thing.

We'll will continue to try and download some shots - have a wonderful night - God Bless, The Dideon's

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