Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday a day at the Park

Hey there will have to load photo's later. Yesterday we had another free day. So Scott hired a driver through our guide for a few hours to drive us to a local park he saw on our map. It was a very large one. Actually after viewing it - we think it is nicer than the Green Lake park we went to daily in Kunming that everyone including us raved about. This is one of those hidden secrets and definitely not on the tour route. So we never saw one foreigner the whole time, but got lots of stares from the local's exercising or playing cards.

It is a huge garden, very clean and well maintained and we saw many couples getting their wedding photo's taken there. It cost us about $.70 to get in and that was it. We had paths galore to walk and spent a few hours there. They had some kind of mini amusement park so we all took in some of the rides and Taylor did better than Kaitlyn riding the mini train with Reagan by herself and just loving every minute of it.

The first ride we did was some go cart type thing which we all did. I drove with Taylor and Scott with Kaitlyn and Reagan was the master who just kept on going and loving every second of it.

I brought bubbles along and the kids had fun with this too. Will try and do this more at another park soon.

It is iteresting as we stroll along in a row, you can see people just, two, three and just look at us and just have this surprised look on their faces. If they know any english they will throw out a few words at us and try to ask questions. Many times we feel like a side show, but knew this would happen since we experienced this last time with bringing Reagan along.

In the morning we had to take Taylor to the medical exam and get her passport photo done. Of course we could not find the papers we had brought, until after the event which our guide got to the doctor to confirm her ribs since he seemed concerned. But she seemed to pass and with her shoes on she was 10.5 kg - as we had learned the other day at the hotel. Which is about 22-23 lbs. So our peanut is a tiny thing.
This took about an hour and I was able to get the older female and male doctors, the photo's of Reagan and Kaitlyn. I figured they rarely see these kids again and thought it would be nice.

For dinner we hooked up with a family from Portland who just adopted a beautiful five year old girl. We went to the CowBridge and had a nice dinner. It was too long for the kids and finally I had to leave early and pace outside with Kaitlyn and Taylor to keep them from having meltdowns.

Well will try soon to catch up on today - Wed.

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