Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday back in Guangzhou

Last night we got a hold of my friends Mark and Melinda Carlson who just moved to Guangzhou three weeks ago. Mark works for the American Embassy and I knew them through our church in Bellevue. We planned to hook up after breakfast.

So this morning after a rushed breakfast, with everyone sleeping in later than normal. No 5:15 AM wake ups we actually had to wake them up at 7:30 today.

We grabbed a taxi to one of the island areas with many of the cultural bldg's. It is closer to the American Embassy and is were many of the Consulate people of various countries live. It was interesting to visit another area. They live in an apt on the complex and are still waiting for most of their belongings.

Over the past eight years we have not really stayed in touch much with us both leaving the Seattle area. They also have three children, so could somewhat empathize to what we are going through LOL - their two daughters almost 8 & 12 are adopted from China. So this has been an interesting return for them.

We spent the morning catching up and the kids got to swim in their pool. Scott being the forgetful male, did forget to mention to bring the kids bathing suits so we had them swimming in their underwear which worked out ok and Scott borrowed one of Marks.
The kids had a blast in their wadding pool for toddlers and we are pretty sure it was Taylor's first experience. She loved it. She could not get enough of it and hope we get some nice weather this wk so we can spend time in the hotel pool. I had packed some floating toys for the kids which I know they'd enjoy.

We had a wonderful visit and they are expecting guests next wknd again. So I feel for them and really appreciated the time together. I am sure they were tired after our visit too :-)

As soon as we got the taxi back, Kaitlyn and Taylor were out. We finally got to the hotel and had to wake them up. Scott then went and got some more food for our room. Put the kids down and we all napped.

We had a pretty big storm come through and last night was really bad as well. It is that time of year so it is to be expected. I remember them when I lived in Japan. The kids are better with them now. Kaitlyn use to get really scared. I think it all has memories to hiding in the basement in MO for her.

We decided to stay put tonight and ordered in Pizza and watch a movie. So they now have Pappa John's Pizza which actually was pretty good and they delivered during the storm. The kids were happy... Taylor likes cheese - so a good sign that dairy is not an issue. We are a big cheese eating family, so no problems there.

Later my friend Lisa called. She heads to Singapore tomorrow - her first time out of the country. How exciting for her. She told me that she and her sister-in-law felt they have learned from their time with us? I guess managing three small children is a big thing. Esp. since they are only allowed one. Lisa also said she was very impressed with how Kaitlyn had turned into a beautiful little loving girl. She had been worried two years ago when we had spent time together at the WS. She saw Kaitlyn's temper tantrums and total meltdowns. Now she see's this very loving girl who is very different and felt we had done a wonderful job.
I have to say I was a bit embarrased and humbled, esp. since this is a person from China and we have taken their children as our own. It can be a complex thing. Am thankful that they feel we are doing a good job. Esp. in light of us feeling many times overwhelmed with three and being in another culture limited to being ourselves.

Well it has been a busy week and tomorrow we plan on seeing the International Church.
There is another couple who was interested in joining us - but I think they will be struggling with jet lag since they just got in tonight. We'll give them a call in the morning. Good night all - Lavonne

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