Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Medical Day

Well here is a pretty good shot of Daddy and Daugher waiting at the medical clinic to get Taylor's once over to appease the Visa God's. It is an interesting set up. By now we know the routine.... this time we had the doctor I saw a few days ago, a bit younger. Taylor was not a joy for the doctor as Reagan was. But we have rarely seen a kid pass through without crying and screaming. Who knows how many fearful and scarey doctor's visits most of these kids have had in the past. We dare imagine. Taylor did her part in making a joyful noise and she definitely did not like her ears looked at.

This of course reminds us of our first visit there with Reagan. His hair had never been cut - and so we were spared the stares and looks and sometimes scoldings from Chinese mother's for taking one of their boys. We did not get that until trip #2. We of course had heard the stories and even Susan who we traveled with experienced it. Well it was all explained to us at Reagan's doctor visit.....
The older doctor who I like... was giving Reagan the full check-up and took his pants off and diaper and step back surprised! Noting "It's a BOY!" I guess Reagan's long hair had many fooled he was just another unwanted girl baby on her way out.

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