Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 2 with Taylor

Well it is late and I am pretty tired. The crew is sleeping and the snoring leader of the pack is loudly making zzz's in the next room.
Wow the reality is sinking in we have three kids now.... Reagan and Kaitlyn are doing great with their new sister. It is hard for them to realize she is not at their level. It is adorable when the two girls hold hand and Taylor is racing down the hallway. She is pretty strong in that one good arm. She definately makes good use of the other arm when possible.
We have one tiny baby on our hands. I put on size 18m pants and they are barely on her, will be buying some 12m when we get home. I doubt she is even 22lbs and pretty much skin and bones. But she is fairly self sufficient. She can dress herself and even did No. 2 on her own... we are thankful for this LOL
I don't think she was talking lots and tonight she was babbling away - so we have some time before we really have a three year old. She is in many ways about the same as Kaitlyn was when we got her at 21m and I think Kaitlyn was even more advanced in some things.
Taylor already is picking up words... she now responds to Taylor and is trying to say it. Trying to say Kaitlyn and does say Bye Bye with the wave. Worked on please today and think she is starting to get it.

At 10AM we were picked up today and went back to the government offices. These are so nice compared to what we have seen in the past. Large very clean and new and had a nice play room for the kids. It was nice with having three there.
We then did the official paperwork. Signed on the dotted line, promised never to abandon her and a new one....were we satisfied with her? Like after all I went through I would dare ask for a refund? LOL

After all this, I spent the next few hours at the Bank of China trying to clean up the mess we had with Bk of Am issuing us the wrong Travelor's Checks. Then they were going to mail us our refund.??? I finally got them to issue us new ones, and cashed them out to avoid any other issues. This trip definately has had its financial issues. Glad we are getting past it all.

When I got back Taylor and Kaitlyn were up from their naps and Scott had gotten some dinner for them. I wanted to get some juice...since we were out and we need to start fattening up our new girl. Taylor saw my fanny pack on and picked up that I was going out, so headed for the door. So decided to take her along and we made it a girls time out. We are in the tail end of the storm and so just as we got the to lobby another rain storm hit. There is a 7-11 right around the corner so thought a little rain won't kill a Seattle girl LOL
Taylor laughed as we got hit, she thought this was fun. After we left the 7-11 the rain stopped so thought it would be nice for the two of us to just go for a short walk.
I had seen a shop two blocks away near the Cow Bridge Restaurant (for those adoptive parents) and checked it out. I was a bit nervous to let her down since everything is so new to her... but she did good and I really did not want to get into checking everystore for the best price with our limited "free" time. So found some nice dresses -- "for you a good price" bought two for the girls and one outfit for Reagan for Taylor's dedication on Sept 16th. So one thing off the list already. Kaitlyn and Reagan have outgrown their past outfits and this has become our tradition.
I told the lady I knew she would be giving me her best price since she would want me to come back for my other purchases! We came to an agreement and both felt good.
Only have two other items on my list. I am sure we may get a couple of things but really we are not big shoppers which saves us our money in the end to enjoy it with the kids.

When I was looking at Taylor's stuff tonight, I guess she was still on the bottle? since there was one in a box with formula in it? They did answer my 30 questions on her life - but I do need to have it translated now. LOL

Well another day is ended and tomorrow we start her passport paperwork, then go to the orphange on Thursday. Looks like we will have a full day there and lunch. So really lookig forward to this. Friday we will check out Dongguan and come home.
Take care - from the Dideon's in Guangzhou now a family of five


Kelly said...

I'm so excited for you. I want to cry...GOOD TEARS mind you! I'm just so overwhelmed with excitement for you and your new addition and this seems to be the only release I can come up with right now.

Charlotte said...

Sounds like all is well in GZ ! Enjoy it, she is too cute !