Monday, July 16, 2007

L O A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the day finally came and we got our LOA. It has been very emotional since we learned our appeal upset officals and they were going to cancel our adoption all together! But our agency was wonderful and convinced them not to do this and now we are back on the journey to get Taylor. So I sit here thrilled - but at the same time just want to cry since for wks now we have been on this very emotional journey.

For many they will never understand and others who will question our motives and say we did it all for the wrong reasons. This i try not to take personally but it does not help, and it seems to come from those who are closest to us?

Well we know that God has a plan, we are not God and do not always understand the things that go on... but do know His hand was in this from day one, we are getting Taylor whom we also were told not to adopt since her needs appeared to be more difficult and God allowed us to see this wonderful little girl who needed a home - and that her needs are manageable to us.

We could sit and live a selfish life putting living comfortably with the 'right' cars, cloths, houses, neighborhoods all first and live a swallow meaningless life. Scott and I know our life is not easy, and it was not meant to be. We have been challenged, stretched, pushed and broken as we grow to know Him better and serve Him.

This includes reaching out to children of need - with each of these children comes a wonderful blessing - that only adoptive parents understand - esp. ones who take a bigger step of faith and take on a special needs child from another country.

When we arrive at heavens gates - we will have experienced a life full and richly blessed by taking this step of faith and knowing these children who are not ours but His, have come to learn about a wonderful Father in Heaven who loves them dearly.

So to some, this journey is hard to understand - for those who have taken the challenge - understand the true blessings experienced by walking by FAITH.

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